Some Tralics obsolete features

This page describes some Tralics featutes that have become obsolete.

module (environment)

Before 2007, the Raweb preprocessor changed

\begin{module}[3]{}{appAI}{Static Analysis} 


\begin{module}[3] {TEAM} {4} {appAI} {module7} {Static Analysis}

As you can see, there is one more argument TEAM, the symbolic section (in the example, the empty group {} was replaced by a default value namely `domaine') has been replaced by its numeric value (here 4), and a second additional argument has been added before the title.

These hacks were removed in 2007. For compatiblity reasons, the preprocessor, when used, generates a modulex environment, translated as dedcribed here.

The translator ignores the first two arguments (that were added by the preprocessor). It uses the next argument as a label name (the real name of the label is mod:appAI; but you should really use \moduleref {TEAM} {section} {appAI}, see \moduleref). The next argument is used for a html attribute.

The translation is something like <module id='uid19' topic='3' html='module7'><head>Static Analysis</head>.

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