Aims and scope

Research involving 3D point sets has attracted considerably more attention over the last few years in the computer vision community. The emergence of laser/lidar sensors, reliable multi-view stereo techniques and more recently consumer depth cameras have brought point clouds to the forefront as a data format useful for a number of applications, such as those listed above. The nature of 3D point clouds requires different data structures and processing methods than those used for 2D or 3D images; at the same time, point clouds provide efficient ways to address the large scale issues that can no longer be ignored in most practical applications. The aim of this workshop is to generate momentum around this topic of growing interest, and to encourage interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration from computer vision, computer graphics, geometry processing, robotics and photogrammetry

The workshop seeks original high-quality research and application submissions in all aspects of processing and modeling from 3D point clouds. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

point set processing
geometry processing
3D scanning sensors, laser and lidar systems
consumer depth cameras
3D sensor calibration
point cloud from stereo and video

point set registration
feature and vanishing point detection
surface approximation and reconstruction
shape and appearance modeling
3D object recognition and classification
large scale issues