WAGON: A Web Server Benchmarking Tool

We have been developing a benchmark tool of Web servers and caches: WAGON (Web trAffic GeneratOr and beNchmark). It comprises a generator of Web traffic, tools for statistical analysis and a monitoring tool. It can generate different types of traffic requests, which, in turn, can be sent out to the server from different client machines with different (simulated) propagation delays and bandwidths. For this, user can use the graphic interface of WAGON and can specify:
During a benchmark, various performance measures can be obtained and observed on-line through the monitoring tool of WAGON. Of particular interest are request latency and user perceived throughput.

The development of WAGON was led by Zhen Liu. Z. Liu left INRIA in August 2000 to join IBM T. J.Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. Inquiries can be sent to e-mail.

The following people were involved in the development of WAGON:

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