Title: How overlay and P2P networks impact Internet traffic inside and outside domains?

Master RSD

With the increasing popularity of overlay and P2P networks, network operators start to ask serious questions on how this new traffic source impacts their network and the volume of data they exchange with their peering domains. Till recently, the Internet was based on the client-server model, where a set of clients download data from a set of well defined web servers. Now, with the overlay and P2P networks, the client-server model is changing and hosts are becoming at the same time sources and destinations of Internet traffic. Moving between the two models has certainly an impact on the flow of data in the Internet and consequently on network performances and dimensioning rules.


The purpose of this internship is to understand the impact of this switch from the client-server model to the peer-to-peer model on Internet traffic inside and outside domains. A study of the literature is first needed to identify the contributions done so far in this area. Then the intern has to present answers on the impact of this change and measures that operators should take to limit its impact, if any, on their networks. The study will be supported by simulations driven by real network data.

Chadi Barakat
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Planète research group, INRIA
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Web: http://www.inria.fr/planete/chadi

Arnaud Legout
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Planète research group, INRIA
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Planète research group
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