Title: The Web Graph structure and PageRank.

Master RSD


Surfers on the Internet frequently use search engines to find pages satisfying their query. However, there are typically hundreds or thousands of relevant pages available on the Web. Thus, listing them in an adequate order is a crucial and non-trivial task. The original idea of Google founders was to list pages according to their PageRank, which is a measure of page popularity. PageRank can be interpreted as the frequency that a random surfer visits a Web page. PageRank can be considered as some global property of the Web graph.


The goal of the internship is to study how different characteristics of the Web graph structure (such as connectivity, clustering,

in-degree) related to the PageRank.


The experience in C and Java programming and Oracle data base management system is a plus.

Konstantin Avrachenkov
Chargé de recherche
Planète research group, INRIA
Email: Konstantin.Avratchenkov(at)sophia.inria.fr
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