VerifiCard'02, 7th-9th January 2002

The VerifiCard annual meeting will be held at the Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques in Marseille, from January 7th until January 9th, 2002.


You can now find the programme of the meeting, with links to abstracts and slides of the talks, and some accompanying papers. You can also download most abstracts at once.

Call for abstracts and papers

We request submissions on topics related to specification, verification and programming techniques for smartcards. Topics include (but are not limited to):

Invited speakers

Submissions and proceedings

In order to stimulate discussions during the workshop, selection procedures for presentations and for the proceedings will be kept separate.

Technical papers (up to 15 pages) for the proceedings will be judged according to their originality, clarity, technical strength and relevance.

Abstracts (1 page) for presentations will be judged on their interest and their ability to stimulate discussion.

Submissions must be electronic and consist of a single PostScript document to be sent to Gilles Barthe ( Please indicate verificard2002 in your subject.

Important dates for abstracts

Important dates for papers

Venue and registration

The CIRM will be issuing invitations to attendees. Please register directly with the CIRM, *unless* you are not a member of the VerifiCard consortium, in which case please contact Gilles Barthe.

The CIRM will provide accomodation and restauration for all participants. You can pay the accommodation fee and your private expenses at the end of the seminar. There will be no registration fee. Further information will be given in the invitation letter.

Program committee

Gilles Barthe (INRIA, France)

Dilian Gurov (SICS, Sweden)

Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter (Hagen, Germany)

Erik Poll (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

Gilles Barthe
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