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  Computer Science : Proof Assistants and Theorem Provers

The Coq Project
The PhoX Proof Assistant
ACL2 Version 2.4
HOL Light
The PLASTIC Proof Assistant
Yarrow Home Page

Computer Science : Formal Methods

Mechanized Reasoning Systems
Formal Methods
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Safety-Critical Systems
Common Criteria Project -- HomePage
Rewriting Home Page
KIV Home Page
FTA Project

Computer Science : Conferences

Thirty Five years of Automath
TYPES 2002 Workshop
FLoC '02 - front page
TPHOLs 2002: Home
IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science
Welcome to the ACM Digital Library
LPAR 2001 Home Page

A propos de la thèse...

ATS a Sophia
ALLOC: Page d'accueil
INRIA - Recueil des aides doctorales et post-doctorales
sommaire de bourses

Useful links

ResearchIndex: The NECI Scientific Literature Digital Library
Webster Gateway at UCSD
Dictionnaire universel francophone en ligne