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The research center of INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée, keen to be widely open to its local and regional partners, has created a "Partners club". It is a scientific and technical club that allows its members to be informed on the state of the art and research prospective in the area of information and communication science and technology, scientific computing and control of complex systems.

The recent creation of «pôles de compétitivité» in the PACA area has led to a real improvement in the relationship between industrials themselves and with academic research centers such as INRIA. For these reasons, the «pôles de compétitivité» will be privileged partners of the Club INTECH.

This thematic choice will of course be strongly influenced by the «pôles de compétitivité» orientation in the PACA area.

.The goal of the club Intech'Sophia is to:

  • Foster the synergies between public research and industry
  • Reinforce the links with the socioeconomic actors
  • Be a meeting place between regional industries (including small and medium companies) and the INRIA Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée research centre

These seminars allow the members of Intech'Sophia :

  • To gain a technology watch framework through targeted seminars on specific innovation domains
  • To rapidly gain information on research done at INRIA, on national R&D programs, on European request for proposals
  • To be able to share experiences and knowledge with other industries, researchers and to ease new collaborations, R&D programs building, PHD thesis shared financing
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