Internship at Inria for international students


(stages d'avril à septembre 2006) / (Internships between April and September 2006)


Votre courriel/e-mail of the proposer : pierre.alliez@sophia.inria.fr

Nom du projet/Research team name : GEOMETRICA

Unité de recherche/Research Unit : Sophia-Antipolis

Thème INRIA/Research theme : SYM

Nom et prénom du chef de projet/Research team leader name : Jean-Daniel Boissonnat

Encadrant du stage/Intern tutor : Pierre Alliez

Titre du sujet du stage/Topic of the Internship:
Placement of Streamlines on Surfaces

Type de stage/Intern level : Engineering school

Durée minimum du stage (en mois)/Internship duration (months) : 2.5 months

Ce stage pourrait-il déboucher sur une thèse ou un post-doc ?/Possibility of a follow-up Ph.D or post-doc : non-no

Description du sujet du stage/Internship description (une dizaine de lignes/about ten lines) :

One of the most popular methods in flow visualization consists of placing a set of streamlines which are always tangential to the flow in order to emphasize the global field coherency. Beside, high quality placement of streamlines has recently proven relevant for other applications such as non-photorealistic rendering or curve-based surface remeshing.

The goal of this internship is to elaborate upon an algorithm for high quality placement of streamlines on triangulated surfaces. Although a high quality streamline placement has no formal definition, it is admittedly related to the uniformity of streamlines as well as to the spacing with respect to the desired density. In particular, we will investigate the possibility to avoid the need for any parameterization stage, and will resort to a 3D Delaunay triangulation restricted to the input surface instead.Targeted applications are anisotropic remeshing of surfaces and visualization of flow fields on surfaces.

Préciser les pré-requis nécessaires pour ce stage/Prerequisites :
Algorithms, geometric computing, computational geometry, geometry processing.

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