Effective Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces

Mathematics and Visualization series

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Jean-Daniel Boissonnat and Monique Teillaud, Editors

The intent of this book is to settle the foundations of non-linear computational geometry. It covers combinatorial data structures and algorithms, algebraic issues in geometric computing, approximation of curves and surfaces, and computational topology.

Each chapter provides a state of the art, as well as a tutorial introduction to important concepts and results. The focus is on methods which are both well founded mathematically and efficient in practice. References to open source software and discussion of potential applications of the presented techniques are also included.

This book can serve as a textbook on non-linear computational geometry. It will also be useful to engineers and researchers working in computational geometry or other fields, like structural biology, 3-dimensional medical imaging, CAD/CAM, robotics, and graphics.


Efi Fogel, Dan Halperin, Lutz Kettner, Monique Teillaud, Ron Wein, Nicola Wolpert
Curved Voronoi Diagrams. Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Camille Wormser, Mariette Yvinec
Algebraic Issues in Computational Geometry. Bernard Mourrain, Sylvain Pion, Susanne Schmitt, Jean-Pierre Técourt, Elias Tsigaridas, Nicola Wolpert
Differential Geometry on Discrete Surfaces. David Cohen-Steiner, Jean-Marie Morvan
Meshing of Surfaces. Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, David Cohen-Steiner, Bernard Mourrain, Günter Rote, Gert Vegter
Delaunay Triangulation Based Surface Reconstruction. Frédéric Cazals, Joachim Giesen
Computational Topology: An Introduction. Günter Rote, Gert Vegter
Appendix - Generic Programming and the CGAL Library. Efi Fogel, Monique Teillaud - publicly available

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