ROXANE distribution

Package Version Web Doc Contact Type Licence Configured with
axel 1.0 www doc B. Mourrain library (C++) GPL with runtime exception
  • gmp
  • synaps
AXEL is a library devoted to algebraic tools for geometric modeling. The kernel of this platform provides data-structures and algorithms for the manipulation of different types of curves and surfaces, parameterised by their coefficient types, container types, ... The distribution is connected to SYNAPS for the representation of polynomials and tools attached to the polynomials, GMP for extended arithmetic.
blas 3.0 www doc library (binary) Freely distributable
BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) is a library, which provides basic routines on matrices and vectors.
gbrs 1.0.5 www doc F. Rouillier library (C) INRIA
  • gmp
GB/RS is a software suite for polynomial system solving.
givaro 3.1.3 www doc J-G. Dumas library (C++) GPL
  • gmp
Givaro is a C++ library for arithmetic and algebraic computations. Its main features are implementations of the basic arithmetic of many mathematical entities: Primes fields, Extensions Fields, Finite Fields, Finite Rings, Polynomials, Algebraic numbers, Arbitrary precision integers and rationals (C++ wrappers over gmp). It also provides data-structures and templated classes for the manipulation of basic algebraic objects, such as vectors, matrices (dense, sparse, structured), univariate polynomials (and therefore recursive multivariate).
gmp 4.1.4 www doc library (C)
Gnu Multiprecision Package.
lapack 3.0 www doc library (binary) Freely distributable
LAPACK (Linear Algebra PACKage) is a library for numerical linear algebra It provides routines for solving linear systems, eigenvalue and singular value computation, QR, LU, Cholevsky decomposition on dense matrices with float, double, complex type coefficients.
linbox 0.2.0 www doc P. Giorgi library (C++) LGPL
  • gmp
LinBox is a generic library for exact, high-performance linear algebra computation. It provides functionalities on sparse and structured matrices over finite fields and integer or rational numbers, and connections with external softwares and libraries. The code is based on C++ template classes. The current distribution includes generic modules for computing with finite fields, integers, rationals, vectors, blackboxes and matrices. It also provides solutions for most of basic exact linear algebra problems such as system solving, determinant, rank, minimum polynomial and matrix normal forms. The use of recent research developments in the domain, and of external specific libraries through interfaces, allows to be highly efficient. Moreover, the LinBox handling is made easier through plugins for well known softwares such as Maple and GAP, or by online computation through LinBox web servers.
mathemagix 0.1.46 www doc Joris van der Hoeven library (C++) GPL
A stringly typed interpreter, with a high level programming language, which provides connection facilities to external binary code.
mpfi 1.3.1 www doc F. Rouillier library (C) LGPL
  • gmp
MPFI is a package for multi-precision interval arithmetic. Needs gmp compiled with the option --enable-mpfr
roxane 0.1.0 www doc library ()
synaps 2.1.2 www doc B. Mourrain library (C++) GPL with runtime exception
  • gmp
  • blas
  • lapack
SYNAPS (SYmbolic Numeric APplications) is a C++ library devoted to symbolic and numeric computations. It provides data-structures and classes for the manipulation of basic algebraic objects, such as vectors, matrices (dense, sparse, structured), univariate and multivariate polynomials. Based on parameterized types and generic code, this active library allows to tune easily the data structure to each specific problem at hand, and to develop dedicated and efficient applications in domains where numerical algebraic and geometric computation is involved. It contains solvers for univariate and multivariate polynomials, including generalized normal form or subdivision solvers, tools for the manipulatiion of algebraic numbers, for the construction of resultants, ... Considering the problem of reusability of external or third-party tools, the library also yields a coherent platform, connecting transparently freely available software in scientific computing, such as lapack a Fortran library for numerical linear algebra, or gmp, mpfr for extended arithmetic, ...
udx 0.6 www doc F. Rouillier library (C) INRIA
  • blas
UDX is a package for binary interprocess communications.