A resource descriptor file

The following conventions are used:

<name>Name of your package</name>
Short information on the contents and purpose of package
</description> <web src="URL of the web site for the package"/> <doc src="URL of the documentation"/> <type language="which language">library|tool|demonstrator</type> <licence>Type of licence</licence> <contact email="email address to be used for problems in to integration">Name of the contact</contact>
Version number</version>
This number is used to build the name of installation of the packages (ie. name-version).
<depend>package1 needed before the installation</depend> <depend>package2 needed before the installation</depend> ... <download src="URL of your distribution"/>
Script to configure and install the package,once it has been loaded.
For a library, this script is run in the directory of the package.
</install> <uninstall>Script to uninstall the package.</uninstall> </package>