Source code organization

The ROXANE development source code will eventually be available through a CVS server. Releases will be made on a regular basis. The source code is structured as follows:

Package Configuration Requirements

  1. Every package should be configurable and buildable in a directory distinct from the source directory. Notice that that requirement does not prohibit in-source build; it allows building in a separate directory.
  2. Every <package>/ subdirectory (as described in the source code organization section) should contain a configure script, the purpose of which is to configure that package. How that configure script is provided (e.g. hand-written or generated) is left at the discretion of authors of the package.
  3. Each package's configure script should be prepared to accept the following set of options:

    Packages should not assume any particular order in which these options be may specified. All packages see the same set of options passed down to them by the toplevel configure script.

  4. After configuration, every package should produce a set of Makefile (s) containing the necessary infrastructure for build and installation.

Installation Directory Organization

The ROXANE bundle will be installed under the directory ${prefix}/roxane/ where ${prefix} is the value given to the –prefix option at configuration time. When most (all ?) of the options have default values, the installation directory will be structrured as follows:

Toplevel configure options

The toplevel roxane/configure script [not yet? avalaible] understands the following options: