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Technical reports
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[GH07] D. Gurov and M. Huisman. Reducing behavioural to structural properties of programs with procedures. Technical Report TRITA-CSC-TCS 2007:3, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, 2007. [ bib | .pdf | .pdf ]
[BPR06] G. Barthe, D. Pichardie, and T. Rezk. Deriving an information flow checker for the JVM. Technical report, INRIA, 2006. [ bib ]
[BDR06] G. Barthe, P. D'Argenio, and T. Rezk. Secure Information Flow by Self-Composition. Technical report, INRIA, 2006. [ bib ]
[GHS06] D. Gurov, M. Huisman, and C. Sprenger. Compositional verification of sequential programs with procedures. Technical report, INRIA, 2006. [ bib ]
[BGH+04] F. Bellegarde, J. Groslambert, M. Huisman, O. Kouchnarenko, and J. Julliand. Verification of liveness properties with JML. Technical Report RR-5331, INRIA, 2004. [ bib | .ps.gz ]
[GH04] D. Gurov and M. Huisman. Abstraction over public interfaces. Technical Report RR-5330, INRIA, 2004. [ bib | .ps.gz ]
[BCHJ03] C. Breunesse, N. Cataño, M. Huisman, and B. Jacobs. Formal Methods for Smart Cards: an experience report. Technical Report NIII-R0316, NIII, 2003. [ bib | .html ]
[SGH03] C. Sprenger, D. Gurov, and M. Huisman. Simulation logic, applets and compositional verification. Technical Report RR-4890, INRIA, 2003. [ bib | .ps.gz ]
[PBB+03] M. Pavlova, G. Barthe, L. Burdy, M. Huisman, and J.-L. Lanet. Enforcing high-level security properties for applets. Technical Report RR-5061, INRIA, 2003. [ bib | .html ]

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