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Ph.D. (obtained in October 2005, at LSV, École Normale Supérieure de Cachan)

My research interests address essentially the formal methods and logical aspects of computer science. I am in particular interested in

  • formal information security, verification of cryptographic protocols
  • semantics of programming languages, type systems, category theory, automated reasoning
  • verification of embedded systems, program analysis

  • Papers

      Peer reviewed papers at international journals: 
  • Cryptographic Logical Relations.
    Theoretical Computer Science (to appear).

  •   Peer reviewed papers at international conferences: 
  • SystemC waiting-state automata.
    In VECoS'07, Algiers, Algeria, May 2007.
    Joint work with Bruno Monsuez and Franck Védrine.

  • On Completeness of Logical Relations for Monadic Types.
    In ASIAN'06, Tokyo, Japan, December 2006. (long version)
    Joint work with Slawomir Lasota and David Nowak.

  • Complete Lax Logical Relations for Cryptographic Lambda-Calculi.
    In CSL'2004, Karpacz, Poland, September 2004.
    Joint work with Jean Goubault-Larrecq, Slawomir Lasota and David Nowak.

  • Logical Relations for Dynamic Name Creation.
    In CSL/KGC 2003, Vienna, Austria, August 2003.
    Joint work with David Nowak.

  •   Ph.D. dissertation: 
  • Cryptographic Logical Relations
        --- What is the contextual equivalence for cryptographic protocols and how to prove it?
    ENS de Cachan, October 2005.
    Supervised by David Nowak and Jean Goubault-Larrecq.

  •   Others: 
  • Towards a static analysis of SystemC models.
    Research report DRT/LIST/DTSI/SOL/06-240, CEA Saclay, France, October 2006.
    Joint work with Franck Védrine.

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