Lilian Burdy

  • Organisations: INRIA
  • Research Unit: INRIA Sophia Antipolis
  • Project :  Everest
  • E-mail :

  • I am senior research associate in the Everest project.

    My current research activities concern program verification. More precisely, my main interests are:

  • Specification languages
  • Weakest precondition calculus
  • Automatic proofing
  • I am currently contributing to the development of JACK.

    Recent CV

    From October 2000 until July 2003, I was research architect in the Gemplus Research Labs.

    I did my PhD in collaboration between the CEDRIC Lab ( CNAM Paris) and Matra Transport International (now Siemens Transportation Systems): Expression dépourvuees de sens de la théorie des ensembles: Application à la méthode B.


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