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Corese: COnceptual REsource Search Engine

These pages are deprecated. Please go to Corese Web Site

Corese is a Semantic Web Factory implementing W3C RDF, RDFS, SPARQL 1.1 Query & Update, SPARQL Rules for RDF.
Contact: olivier.corby at

Corese 3.0

New version based on kgram. March 2012.
java -jar corese-3.0.7.jar
SPARQL 1.1 W3C Test cases


R2RML implementation by Dora-Angela Daniluc (2011)
RIF2SPARQL compiler by Oumy Seye (2011)
KGRAM: a Knowledge Graph Abstract Machine (2010)
RIF parser by Corentin Follenfant (2009)
Querying the Semantic Web of Data Using SPARQL, RDF and XML
Event Listeners
SPARQL Extensions
Backward SPARQL Rules
Abstract Query Language
SPARQL & XPath, XSLT, Nested Queries
SPARQL Graph Path & Nested Graphs
Corese User Manual
Corese obtains 92% success with W3C SPARQL Testcases

Edelweiss coauthor network 2007-2011, computed by a construct-where SPARQL 1.1 Query on bibtex2RDF

prefix b: <>
prefix dc: <>
prefix vcard: <>
construct {?aa ?r ?bb}
where {
select * (count(?doc) as ?c) 
(uri(concat(?na, ".", ?fa)) as ?aa) 
(uri(concat(?nb, ".", ?fb)) as ?bb)
(concat(b:coauthor, ":", ?c) as ?r)
where {
?doc dc:creator [rdfs:member ?a; rdfs:member ?b]
?a vcard:N [vcard:Given ?na; vcard:Family ?fa]
?b vcard:N [vcard:Given ?nb; vcard:Family ?fb]
filter(?fa < ?fb)
group by ?fa ?fb
having(?c >=6)

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