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Shelfmark Field
A Algebra - Logic - Combinatorics
B Geometry - Commutative Algebra
C Topology - Function Theory
D Differential Geometry - Differential Equations
E Functional Analysis - Partial Differential Equations - Wavelets
F Numerical Analysis
G Fluid Mechanics
H Operations Research - Graph Theory
I Statistics
J Probabilities
J1 Stochastic Processes
J2 Financial Mathematics
K Automation - Signal Processing
K1 Game Theory
L Computer Science History, Sociology, Law
L1 Human-computer Interaction - Ergonomics
M Hardware - Computer Architecture - Microelectronics - Neural Networks
N Networks Organisation - Telecommunications
O Software engineering
O1 Programming Languages
O2 Operating Systems
P Data Structures - Coding
Q Computer Science Theory - Algorithmics
R Databases
R1 Information Systems - Office Suite
S Computer Simulation - Modelisation
S1 Mathematical biology
T Text Processing - Typography
U Pattern recognition
U1 Image Processing - Computer Graphics - Medical Imaging - Remote Sensing
U2 Robotics - Computer Vision
V Artificial Intelligence - Expert Systems - Natural Language Processing - Machine Learning
X Applied Computer Science - Computer-aided Design - Music
Y Human Science - Linguistics
Y1 History and Philosophy of Science
Z Miscellaneous