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TPHOLs'99: Typesetting Instructions

How to Produce your Paper

All papers should be produced using LaTeX2e with the Springer LLNCS document class.

Detailed Instructions from Springer-Verlag

Springer-Verlag have prepared some instructions for authors in the LNCS series. This document describes the format in which your paper must be prepared, and is available from the Springer-Verlag site in the following formats:

All authors should read both these documents and ensure that their contributions meet the specifications contained therein before submitting their camera-ready copy.

Why LaTeX2e?

We are asking all authors to prepare their submissions using LaTeX2e and the Springer LLNCS document class for the following reasons:

What If I Can't Use LaTeX2e?

Macro packages for producing papers in the LNCS style are also available for use with the old LaTeX (LaTeX2.09), plain TeX and for Microsoft Word. You should note, however, that papers prepared using these systems will not be annotated with hyper-links in the electronic edition of the conference proceedings. Furthermore, authors using Microsoft Word should know that their paper will by typeset using Times Roman fonts while all other papers will be typeset using Computer Modern Roman fonts, and thus your paper will look a little out of place in the printed proceedings.

If you are contemplating using a system other than LaTeX2e to prepare your paper, please contact the conference organisers first. We may be able to help you prepare a LaTeX2e version.

Regardless of which system you use to prepare your paper, you should read both the instructions for LNCS authors and the LLNCS document class instructions to ensure that your document mirrors the LNCS style as closely as possible. These documents are described above in the section on detailed instructions from Springer-Verlag.

[Guide for Authors] [Typesetting Requirements]

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