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Optional arguments

Note that optionally you may add two arguments at the end of the list of arguments. These arguments are the name of a C++ program and the name of the procedure that is defined within this program. This procedure must update the range of the unknowns according to the value of the parameter.

Assume for example that you are considering the equation:


where $l_{25}$ is the parameter of the system and $x,y$ the unknowns. Clearly $x$ and $y$ cannot exceed $l_{25}+1$ and cannot be lower than $-l_{25}+1$.

The syntax of this simplification procedure is:

int Simp(double param, INTERVAL_VECTOR v_IS)
where param is the current parameter value and v_IS the current ranges for the parameters. Unfortunately this simplification procedure cannot be produced directly by the ALIAS-Maple procedure described in chapter 4 as the argument of the simplification procedure are different.

Jean-Pierre Merlet 2012-12-20