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Transforming expressions into C++ code

The BIAS/Profil C++ version of an arbitrary Maple expression may be obtained by using the procedure Code that will display on the standard output the C++ equivalent of the Maple expression. The syntax of this command is:

In the later case the components of the interval vector v_IS will be affected to each component in the list.

If this procedure has a second argument which is a list of variable the procedure will provide a C++ evaluation formula where the unknown has been substituted by the element of the interval vector v_IS (which the name of the interval vector used internally by ALIAS):

               Sqr(v_IS(1)) + 2 v_IS(1) + 1

An optional last argument, the string "minimal" may be added: in that case the procedure will try to produce a compact form for the expression that may be more appropriate for interval evaluation and is the result of the procedure MinimalCout:


Jean-Pierre Merlet 2012-12-20