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My activities:

The main topics of my research are the modelling, study and monitoring of living systems. My two main application fields are the oceanography (particularly the planktonic systems) and the biological wastewater treatment processes.

The first step of my work consist in designing methods to find dynamical models based on ordinary differential equations (ODE). A good modelling is a very difficult job that must be performed in strong collaboration with biologists and experts of the considered process.

Then we must verify that the model is close to the actual system, this is the validation step. This task is complex for the non-linear biological systems that are difficult to measure properly. I develop techniques to determine qualitatively the transient behaviour of the model and to check if it corresponds to the experimental observations.

Once the model is available I design software sensors (or observers) that use the (partial) available measurements to estimate the non measured variables. These observer must be as insensitive as possible to the modelling errors.

These methods use techniques recently developed in the non linear control science field.

My specialities:


The biological systems on which I work:







HDR dissertation

(January 2004)



" The modelling of biological systems: routes between the long rivers circulating relating the ocean of the real and the lac of the models"





 PhD thesis

 (décembre 1995)


"Theoretical and experimental study of the growth of Dunaliella tertiolecta (chlorophyceae) submitted to a variable nitrate limitation: use of transient dynamics for model design and validation "


Publication list
  Nota: most of my publications are available here :  ftp-sop.inria.fr/comore/OBERNARD/MesPublications/