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  • December 4, 2002: Windows batch files for building Sum^it and its test suite can be found here.

    What is Sum^it?

    Sum^it is a computer algebra library designed to provide reusable and efficient implementations of algorithms for manipulating and solving linear ordinary differential and difference equations and systems. Built as an extension of the Algebra library, it provides Aldor programmers with a extensible computer algebra layer with many low--level functions for handling skew--polynomials and their related skew--linear systems. A more detailed description of Sum^it can be found in:

    M. Bronstein, `` SUM-IT: A strongly-typed embeddable computer algebra library '', Proceedings of DISCO'96, Karlsruhe, Springer LNCS 1128, 1996.

    What is the current version?

    The current distributed version is 1.0.1, released August 4, 2002.

    How do I get and install Sum^it?

    Click here to download Sum^it.

    The Sum^it user guide and reference manual

    The Sum^it documentation delivered with the library is in pdf format. You can also download a dvi version, or a postcript version specially formatted for printing, or the complete html version.

    Can I use Sum^it without an Aldor compiler?

    No, but you can use the Sum^it servers bernina or shasta, which provide interactive interfaces to selected functionalities of Sum^it for linear differential and difference equations respectively.

    Please report problems or bugs about Sum^it to  

    Last update: 4 December 2002