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The AIDA Maple package

Algebraic Invariants and their Differential Algebras


The AIDA package will be a collection of routines to explore algebra of differential invariants: computation of generating sets of invariants, rewritings, syzygies, and their differential analogues.
The package builds on the Maple libraries Groebner, Vessiot and diffalg. Initial code used IVB by I. Kogan.


If you use the AIDA package for your research, either centrally or as an exploratory or verification tool, please acknowledge it by refering to this web page ( and the related publications (see bibliography below).
For pre-alpha versions contact E. Hubert, as well as for comments and bug reports.


amf : Algebraic Moving Frame

Based on [HK06] the short procedure amf (included) allows you to compute a generating set of rational invariants and rewrite any invariants in terms of them. The procedure is illustrated on some simple or classical problems. As shown in [HK07] it provides an algorithmic solution to computing the Cartan's normalized invariants.

dmf : Differential Moving Frame.

The package provides tools to investigate the structure of the differential algebra of differential invariants: invariant derivations and their commutation rules, generationg set of differential invariants and their differential syzygies. The code is based on [HK08] and [H08]. Examples include: Euclidean action on space curves and surfaces, retrieving there the Codazzi equation, equi-affine action on surfaces, etc...

Bibliographic references

E. Hubert