Plateforme FOCUS "Finding Out Collective Usage"



ORGANISM : INRIA Sophia Antipolis

ADRESS : équipe AxIS, BP 93, 2004 route des Lucioles, 06902 Sophia Antipolis

SUPERVISION: TROUSSE, Brigitte (04 92 38 77 45)

The experimentation platforms FOCUS is dedicated to researchers interested in usage analysis, could be web usage, user centered experiments in real context (scale 1) or in laboratories contexts. It studies collectives activities through analysis of usage data of different type (quantitative / qualitative), issues from different source (data logs / user behavior) and at different level (individual/group). The aim is to provide to communities concerned with co-operation between end-users and in new technologies services to better analysis and understand usage. Research communities targeted are human sciences (sociology, ergonomics, economy) and engineering (computer science), but industrials interested in user centered design and advanced technology are also concerned. Services offered to human science community or service developers will help them to better understand and analyze collective activities with a special interest in social network development and the dynamic of trust. The goal is give to these researchers access to new tools and methods completing their usual toolkit with advanced capacities to analyze rapidly very large data sets. These researchers will probably appreciate access to usage data acquisition devices, tools to discover knowledge from data (KDD) analysis and possibility to reuse previous experience data. The FOCUS platform relies on knowledge bases, data sets, data acquisition devices, software toolbox and specific methods for mining usage data.

The work consists in integrating the existing versions of AxIS software in order to design and implemenbt the first version of the platform FOCUS. Such a platform is composed of KDD methods:


Skills: Java, C, Perl, good level in programming, some knowledge in data mining.