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I started my studies in September '91 at the "Politehnica" University of Bucharest. In June '96 I obtained my engineering degree in electronics and telecommunications. During those years I had several opportunities to study in France at ESIEE.

In June'97 I obtained a second engineering degree in signal and image processing from another French school : ENSEEIHT. In the same year I prepared the masters of research : DEA SIC.

Research Interests:

Textured Images Segmentation and Indexing using the Wold Decomposition :

This is a joint research project between INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (France) and Ben-Gurion University (Israel). The directors are Josiane Zerubia (INRIA) and Joseph M. Francos (Ben Gurion University).

Here you have a " demo " ...

Thin network extraction in SPOT images using a stochastic geometry approach. This my PhD subject. My advisors are Xavier Descombes and Josiane Zerubia.

We consider that a thin network is mainly composed of line segments. The segments need to be alligned and not superposed. The segments have to be connected, in order to form a line-network. Those constraint are taken in account by the prior model (Candy model), which is an area-interaction point process.

The location of the network in the image is given by the conditional term. This term is a statistical hypothesis test. The two terms of our model are combined together in an energy function. The optimum of this function is found by runing a simulated anealing algorithm, using a reversible jump MCMC dynamic.

Life is wonderfull, and the last PhD defense of the milenium, it will happen at the end of the century...

... a little demo about "stochastic gemoetry" and road extraction ...

Publications :

R. Stoica, J. Zerubia, J. M. Francos : ``The Two-Dimensional Wold Decomposition for Segmentation and Indexing in Image Libraries'', ICASSP'98

R. Stoica, J. Zerubia, J. M. Francos, ``Image Retrieval and Indexing: A Hierarchical Approach in Computing the Distance between Textured Images'', ICIP'98

R. Stoica, J. Zerubia, J. M. Francos, "Indexing and retrieval in multimedia libraries through parametric texture modeling using the 2D Wold decomposition", Research Report INRIA, n. 3594,, 1998

X. Descombes, R. Stoica, J. Zerubia, ``Two Markov point processes for simulating line networks'', Invited paper : ICIP'99 Kobe

R. Stoica, X. Descombes, J. Zerubia, "A Markov Point Process for Road Extraction in Remote Sensed Images", Rapport de Recherche INRIA, n. 3923,, 2000


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