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Here is the list of my publications in Ariana project :

Title / Origin Date Download
2D and 3D Vegetation Resource Parameters Assessment using Marked Point Processes, ICPR Conference August 2006 fichier_ps
A Comparative Study of Three Methods for Identifying Individual Tree Crowns in Aerial Images Covering Different Types of Forests, ISPRS Conference July 2006 fichier_ps
Forest Resource Assessment using Stochastic Geometry, IPFS Conference March 2006 fichier_psfichier_pdf
A Non-Bayesian Model for Tree Crown Extraction using Marked Point Processes, INRIA Research Report number 5846 February 2006 fichier_htmlfichier_pdf
Evaluation des Ressources Forestières à l'aide de Processus Ponctuels Marqués, RFIA Conference January 2006 fichier_psfichier_pdf
Adaptive Simulated Annealing for Energy Minimization Problem in a Marked Point Process Application, EMMCVPR Workshop, Springer Verlag November 2005 fichier_psfichier_pdf
Optimization Techniques for Energy Minimization Problem in a Marked Point Process Application to Forestry, INRIA Research Report number 5704 September 2005 fichier_htmlfichier_pdf
A Marked Point Process Model for Tree Crown Extraction in Plantations, ICIP conference September 2005 fichier_psfichier_pdf
Point processes in forestry : an application to tree crown detection, INRIA Research Report number 5544 April 2005 fichier_htmlfichier_pdf
Image Processing for Forest Monitoring, ERCIM News No. 61 April 2005 fichier_htmlfichier_pdf
Tree crown extraction using marked point processes, EUSIPCO conference September 2004 fichier_psfichier_pdf
Marked point processes in image analysis : from context to geometry, SPPA conference April 2004 fichier_psfichier_pdf
Extraction de houppiers par processus objet, INRIA Research Report number 5037 December 2003 fichier_htmlfichier_pdf
Etude du couvert forestier à partir d'un processus objet, Rapport de fin d'études, Ecole Centrale Paris December 2003 fichier_pdf
Etude du couvert forestier à partir d'un processus objet, Rapport de DEA, ENS Cachan September 2003 fichier_pdf

Most of these publications are available on my publication pages of Ariana website.


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