I am an Master intern at INRIA Sophia Antipolis in the Ariana project. I am working on a new type of active contours, called Higher Order Active Contours, which involve higher order integrals over the object boundary. This enables to introduce more complex prior knowledge about the object to find than the usual active contours.

To speed up the solving an equivalent formulation as a Phase Field model as been developed. Phase field energies are also easier to formulate as Markov Random Field energies. It makes the task easier if we want to implement sampling methods.

Result of tree segmentation

More specially I am working on algorithm for solving the problem, that is finding the minimum of the energy or the Maximum a Posteriori. For now gradient descent was performed which may find only local minima. I am investigating other methods mostly based on sampling and Simulated Annealing (Gibbs Sampling, Clustering methods), but also on graph methods (QPBO algorithm).

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