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Aerial and satellite imagery has a key role to play in natural resources management, especially in forestry application. Indeed, forest inventories, such as the French National Inventory (IFN), refer to these images to analyse the different tree species in a stand, before sending a team on the ground to obtain some more advanced knowledge.

Moreover, the submetric resolution of the data enables to study forests at the scale of trees, and also to get a more accurate evaluation of the resources such as the number of stems. It would be also of important economical and environmental concerns to develop automatic tools to analyze and monitor forests.


The work of the first author has been partly supported by a grant from the MAS Laboratory of Ecole Centrale Paris. The authors would like to thank the French Forest Inventory (IFN) for providing the data and for interesting discussions. Part of this work has been conducted within the INRIA ARC Mode de Vie joint research program.

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For more details about this work, please consult this INRIA technical report.