SCiPX is a converter from SystemC to IP-XACT.

SCiPX is a translator from SystemC code description to IP-XACT form, mostly for the structural signaling interface part.
The tool elaborates on the former academic PinaVM tool from VERIMAG, which itself was based on the LLVM C++ compiler infrastructure. SCiPX also internally relies on the Doxygen environment for abstract syntax analysis of C++ and SystemC code.

The SystemC language is organized as a set of libraries on top of C++.

Some of them defines the execution of a so-called elaboration phase, performed initially at run time, by which the components, the platform structure and the communication interconnect objects are created for subsequent simulation.

PinaVM benefits from this execution phase to build the model elements that reflect this structural organization of the system to be simulated.

Because it has the goal of covering all C++ features, it is based on an existing, modular  C++ compiler LLVM.

SCiPX modifies some of the PinaVM backend parts to produce IP-XACT compliant architecture descriptions for those systems. Because some of the naming (and miscellaneous other) informations are lost during LLVM compilation, a parallel processing is run on the original SystemC programs to secure this information, and then link it appropriatly with the results of elaboration in order to get the full IP-XACT description.

So far the translator works with Register-Transfer Level (RTL) SystemC code, but extensions towards Transaction-Level Modeling (TLM) are under way.

The resulting IP-XACT code can be input to a second model-transformation tool called Ipxact2marte, this time to express the IP-XACT structural model into UML-MARTE syntax, fit for manipulation by MDE UML dedicated editors and tools, such as Papyrus.

The current version of SCiPX uses PinaVM, LLVM version 2.7 , and Doxygen version 1.6 . The translator can be used as a stand-alone process.

Authors: Benoît Ferrero and Jean-François Le Tallec

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A converter from IP-XACT to UML/MARTE.and from UML/MARTE to IPXACT.
IPXACT2Marte/Marte2IPXACT is a Eclipse plugin.

Install Intruction is here

Authors: Benoit Ferrero