Brigitte Trousse

Brigitte Trousse

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INRIA Sophia Antipolis
Action AID
2004, Route Des Lucioles BP93
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

Tel:+33 4 92 38 7745 | Fax:+33 4 92 38 7783

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In General

I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science (1989, Artificial Intelligence and Computer-Aided Design), a D.E.S.S diploma in Software Engineering (1985), and a Master degree in Mathematics (1980), all from the University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis, France.

I was belonging in the permanent staff of INRIA Sophia-Antipolis from 1990. After being a member of the SECOIA team (ex-SMECI team), I am now the scientific leader of the Action AID (Artificial Intelligence and Design Group) of INRIA-Sophia Antipolis (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control). Before belonging to the permanent staff of INRIA, i held a post-doctoral research position (1990) at the SECOIA team and a PH-D student position (1987-1989) at the SMECI team at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis.

And before joining INRIA, I held a permanent Professor position of Mathematics in a High School in Nice (1980-1984), having a teaching degree in Mathematics and Physical Education for High Schools in Nice (France, 1980).

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence and Design,
(Re)Design of Adaptative Web sites,
Adaptive Recommender Systems,
Web Usage Mining,
Case-based reasoning,
Web Semantics,
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work,
Viepwoint Managment in Design of Complex systems,
Argumentative and topoi-based reasoning,

and applications of the above on the Web and for design groupware.


For a list of publications (on-line versions of most recent papers are included) click here.

Current Professional Activities

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Brigitte Trousse
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