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SIS - Cave survey software tools

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    Survey Software Tools

    I will set up a software repository here someday. In the meanwhile, here are a links to places where you can get them:

    Les Franšais:

  • Karto, et Karto MNT logiciels de positionnement et de rendu cartographique
  • Visual Topo Par Eric David, et Convers (2.3a) (ou Convers (2.5))
  • Cyber Topo par Eric Sibert
  • HADES -2000 par Jean-Pierre CASSOU
  • Bayo CDroms
  • Le Carto "exploseur" d'Eric Sibert (indisponible)
  • Around the world:

  • Toporobot: WWW page, and FTP site
    . There is a registration form, and some english version of Toporobot's doc.
  • Toporobot on your PC ? it is possible with the help of Executor
  • Survex The Survex Web pages, and Related tools (Aven, Tunnel, SpeleoGen, Therion, CaveScript, Chasm and Rosetta Stal (sept 2001)
  • CavePlot David Heron CavePlot program, for Macintosh (ftp directory)
  • Compass US site, by Larry Fish , and European mirror 
  • CaveTools A link between survey software (namely Compas), and GIS (namely Arview) by B.W.Szukalski.
  • On Station software for Windows95 / Windows3.1, by Taco van Ieperen
  • WinKarst by Gary Petrie
  • Walls , by David McKenzie
  • The HTO project:

    This was an attempt to build an interface format, with the collaboration of many of the leading survey software authors, at that time... They discussed together during one year, and what is left is:
  • A proposal for the syntax of the format, dated nov. 94, and a number of exemples, in the LMU (UK) FTP site
  • an archive of the discussion mailist
  • Other Software archive sites

    Here are links to existing index pages of various sites having survey software available. You may want to browse through several of them before finding the site having the most recent version of the program you need!

  • Cave Survey Program Archive Certainly the most comprehensive link page.
  • Cave Program Archive-French site
  • Cave Survey Software - An Overview - UK site
  • England FTP site (CaveML, CavePlot, Toporobot, belg-v2, compass, karst, pitter, smap, surv18, survex, HTO)
  • Germany FTP site
  • Presentations from the Texas Survey, 1994

    Here are descriptions of various survey software, presented in a similar format, from the Texas Speleological Survey, October 1994 (sorry, nothing more recent).

  • CavePlot 2.1
  • CaveView 5.1
  • CML 1.9
  • Compass '94
  • CSurvey 2.1
  • Karst256
  • Smaps 5.2
  • Vectors 0.98
  • Walls 1.0
  • WinKarst
  • See also:

  • Larry Fish "survey tools" survey
  • A 3d display program for the Mac
  • A model of 3d cave drawing
  • fancy views of Lechuguilla system, including a view extracted from a 3D model produced by Toporobot.